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Jobs for Delaware Graduates, Inc.
381 W. North Street
Dover, DE  19904
Phone: 302-734-9341
Fax: 302-734-4912

Alumnus Eric Brown
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News & Notes

Jobs for Delaware Graduates (JDG) is one of our state’s great success stories!

 It was designed in 1978 by five working groups in Delaware, drawn from business, educational, workforce, labor union, and community leadership.  The purpose of the organization was to address simultaneously with Delaware’s unemployment rate and the dropout rate.

Together, the public and private sector leaders of the state developed the model of Jobs for Delaware Graduates.

The organization is bound by two basic principles:

  1. Holding someone accountable for ensuring that high-risk and disadvantaged students graduate from high school

  2. Establishing for the first time the premise that the same individual would be held responsible for these young people’s successful transition from high school into work, college, or some combination for a full year

Our mission is:  to enable students to achieve academic, career, personal and social success.

Today more than 50,000 young people in Delaware have been served since the inception of the program.  More than 250 employers rely on Jobs for Delaware Graduates for producing enthusiastic, well prepared, and effective new employees.

We invite you to join get involved and join the JDG team. Take a moment to contact us. I am sure that you will find involvement with Jobs for Delaware Graduates rewarding and enriching as together we build the foundation for employment throughout the State of Delaware.









Important Dates



November 24: Cape Henlopen HS Community                               Service Project Mt. Pleasant I&I

November 25: Brandywine I&I

November 26 - 28: Thanksgiving Break

December 1: Concord I&I

DEcember 2: McKean & Seaford HS Enrollment

December 4: Dickenson I&I Dover Enrollment

December 9: Delmar Enrollment

December 10: Delmarva Power Job Shadow -                              William Penn HS

December 18: JDG Staff Recognition 

December 23 - January 2: Winter Break

January 9: Dover AFB Tour

January 12: Microsoft Job Shadow -                                         William Penn HS

January 13: AT&T Aspire Day - Delmar & Laurel                        

January 17: DCA State Officer Training 

February 10: AT&T Aspire Day - Seaford &                                Woodbridge HS

February 23: Microsoft Job Shadow -                                          William Penn HS  

March 14: DCA State Officer Training

April 3 - 10: Spring Break

April 28: DCA Competitive Events Day

May 12: DCA Awards Luncheon




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